Once your furniture, fixtures and equipment are in place
Everything is working, and the rooms are occupied
Your project is finished

For over a quarter of a century, Interior Resources Group and its staff have been leaders in Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Installations (FF&E) for hospitality companies, high-end corporate facilities and other institutions. We have the specialized equipment, experienced managers and the electric systems required to get the final stage of a project like yours completed on time and within budget.

At Interior Resources Group, we work with purchasing groups, project management companies, interior design firms, architects, owner’s reps, relocation consultants and in-house project groups. It doesn’t matter whether your next project is beginning in few months or sometime next year, we can gear up quickly and accept delivery of your furniture fixtures and equipment in our storage facility.

Upon delivery, we will quality control each item, take photographs of the larger furniture, fixtures and equipment and then post all the information onto our password-protected, web-based system, for your ongoing review.

Whether your next project is a renovation, redesign, expansion or new construction of a large facility or a boutique property, let Interior Resources Group Resources Group manage the storage, delivery and installation of your furniture, fixtures and equipment. We will not only provide the physical services for your project, we will give you online access to the status of your FF&E from delivery through installation.

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When your project is mission critical,
you can’t afford to fall behind schedule.

Interior Resources Group assists clients in the final phase of their redesign, renovation, expansion or new construction project.

Receive Shipments

Receive shipments of FF&E purchased for your project in our warehouses

Inventory and Catalog Items

Inventory and catalog items as they are received

Reporting Systems

Maintain a cloud-based project reporting system for your FF&E and provide access to it to designated members of your team

Item Inspections

Inspect each item we receive, reporting to you on any damaged goods

Item Photographs

Upon request, provide one or more photographs of each item for your review in the online inventory


Deliver FF&E items to the project site as required


Install FF&E items as instructed

Online Ordering System

Provide an online order system for you to request deliver to your site